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Sunday, 26 September 2010


 Dehumanized living in fear 24/7 treated as though i'm not human with any feelings emotions nor thoughts knowing that any day could very well be my last how is that living? My lawyer played a crucial part in my being here lack of committment to having my best interest first and foremost not aggressiuely defending me not objecting to outright lies slander and fictious evidence presented by the state via material evidence or cohersed witnesses. You can't deal with pain and suffering that you subjected to being here on death row the best you can do is try and go through the routine motions of just coping each day trying to do or think of anything that will occupy your time and mind for that next hour or two until the day ends while hoping the administrators don't stop at the cell to read you a death warrant. Real human beings innocently have been and will continue to be executed by an unjust bias and politicalcized system based solely on revenge what former Governor George Ryan of Illinois did should have been a last and resounding wake up call to this nation. My family can't handle it they only can try and copy as best they can without loosing the little hope that's left and falling apart that i will die at the hands of the state. The justice system has not been fair to me. I would first abolish the death penalty, then hire thorough independent investigator 10 to 15 for each state, to specifically investigate each and every accused individvally- individval charges where the possibility that individval could be sent away for a long time. Whatever wrong they have been subjected to then the state should be held accountable to immediately compensate that individual within a 30 day time period, 100.00 for each hour from the time of arrest state officials would be much more reluctant then to ultilize the methods of injustice against these whom are helpless, poor and indigent.

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