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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Re: Prosecutor Kym Worthy's Budget Mess

I read with amazement in today's edition of the Detroit Free Press a column commentary entitled Wayne County Must Put Safety Of Its Communities First, written by Sarah Tofte of your organization. The article urges restoring millions of dollars of county tax dollars to our local prosecutor Kym Worthy's budget, purportedly for the purpose of investigating over 11,000 backlogs of rape kit evidence that sat uncatalogued in the former Detroit Crime Lab for years. In today's article, Ms. Tofte notes that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder recently announced a $4 million grant in state funding for the purpose of helping test the thousands of rape kit evidence, but even that falls far short of the money needed to accomplish the end.
While the prosecutor's goal of catching offenders who committed these rapes is certainly laudable, I found it amazing that Ms. Tofte, like the local leadership here in Detroit, say absolutely nothing about the millions of dollars Kym Worthy wasted after hoodwinking the City of Detroit out of funds that was supposed to go toward her alleged sincere efforts to investigate thousands of cases in which factually INNOCENT people were sent to prison involving that same crime lab's ballistics division. After taking the money, paying her staff for half-hearted investigations and run, not surprisingly, no one got a new trial. That's the result when the the fox is watching the hen house
And since when did catching the guilty matter more than freeing the innocent, many of whom this prosecutor has a blood lust for, particularly the case of young Davontae Sanford, who Kym Worthy has spent so far tens of thousands of dollars to prosecute and chase on appeal, despite post-conviction evidence of his innocence? Perhaps Ms. Tofte could summon the courage to ask Ms. Worthy to start counting the dollars she continues to waste when chasing the money trail in cases in which this prosecutor continues to incarcerate innocent people at the expense of millions of dollars of our tax dollars. Many wonder, as well, if Ms. Worthy and her proteges like Ms. Tofte would confess error when the results of those rape kit evidence come back showing someone innocent is sitting in prison for a crime he did not commit. So much talk about catching the guilty while the innocent get no consideration.
To sum up Ms. Tofte's article, she has taken cues from this bloodthirsty prosecutor who doesn't give a damn about innocence but all about appearing tough on crime.
 Roberto Guzman

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