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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Kimani Gray

Last week that was a vigil in Brooklyn, NY for 16 year old Kimani Gray who was fired upon 11 times and killed by two undercover NYPD police men. To date, there have been "no charges" against either of these officers, despite the fact both have a history of abuse, excessive force and planting false evidence on innocent victims. The city avoided the prosecution of these officers, by paying their victims to avoid going to trial. So they remained on the force as undercover police and while working in that capacity, killed 16 year old Kimani Gray. Vigils have been held nearly every week since his murder. The family, community and their supporters are watching and waiting for justice to be served, without any clear indication they intend to do anything against these officers, despite their known "history" of violence and abuse against innocent people. The city and those whom they've hired to insure the criminal prosecution of those who "break the law" have made great exceptions to the rule when it comes to their officers. And they are not alone. For across the board, we see the same scenario repeated over and over again; the justification of officers who commit outright "murder". It is the reason behind demanding "National Action Against Police Brutality". No help exists "down in the valley"...so to "the mountain" 

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