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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Give and Take

Give and Take

for everything that is taken from you
there is something put in its space
even if it is an emptiness
to inscribe new life in its place

faces will come, faces will go
and some will choose to remain
be not daunted by the illusion
for in the stillness resides the sane

there have been many changes
but life its self marches on
gather the lesson that she provides
lament not nor be thou forlorned

for some things taken are blessings
that allows us to truly connect
to the universal laws of Growth and Love
we must do so without suspect

in the end all of life we experience
is about the Give and the Take
as the energy is constantly transmuting
we are blessed for goodness’ sake

so raise your consciousness, rise up
for the truth of life does call
look to thy horizon my child
and rise each time you fall

lessons come and lessons go
some take and some do give
for in the mix, the trials, the path
when we awaken, we know that we live

Give and Take

© 25 June 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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