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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Compassionate Release denied Lynn Stewart

Dear Friends & Comrades;
It was a blow at Lynn's life as the chief Counsel of the Federal Bureau of Prison's
notified our sister Lynn Stewart that she has been denied compassionate release.
Ralph was stunned but said we will continue to fight for Lynn's release. He put the DC vigil on hold and has returned to NY to do some radio and t.v. shows to explain the BOP"s response. He thanked the DC folks and others that came to support Lynn and said that he will be back to DC to do the speaking engagement on July 12, and that the vigil will resume when necessary. He asked folks to continue to call both the White House & BOP to express their out rage. Also check Lynn's website for her blog on the situation  lynnstewart.org

"We Must Pick Up The Work To Free ALL Our Political Prisoners & Prisoners Of War!"

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