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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

On this day

On this day

On this day
when i wake up
from this drug induced
indoctrinal stupor
i am going to change
the world
and then
the Universe
and then
all of Creation
be-cause i will be
and cognizant

On this day
my light shall shine
as i vanquish
the insanity
the inanity
i once accepted

On this day
i shall spread my arms
i shall open so wide
that my insides becomes
my outsides
and i will be
beside my “Self”
my “i”
at all times
beyond time

On this day
i will forever resonate
and give to Life
that which she has given
and gives to me.
i shall consecrate
anoint and dedicate
each breath
each heartbeat
in Love for Love
for Life
my Beloved
our Sacred Child

On this day
i have decreed
that this day
is . . “IS” eternal
for this day
is all that i have
this day ~ every day

© 24 June 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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