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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Shantel Davis

The young woman in the pix is 23 year old Shantel Davis, murdered by an undercover NYPD detective! Friday June 14th will make 1 year since she was murdered and the Family and their supporters will be holding a Vigil for they have not forgotten about the injustice done to Shantel - or the city's refusal to prosecute the detective responsible! The similarities of this undercover officer and those in the Kimani Gray case are astonishing. All were "undercover" when they killed their victims and all had prior lawsuits filed against them in which they abused, brutalized and maimed innocent people. In every case, the city paid the victims to avoid going to trial and having the officers prosecuted. So they remained on the force as an undercover officer and while working in that capacity "murdered" an innocent victim. Yet despite that prior "history" no charges are pending against the officer! At the minimum, the family expects "charges" against these officers. And in their arrogancy they have refused. But if I have "my way" not only will they be charging these officers, but every single officer in "the line of command" who knew about the "criminal history" of these officers and allowed them to not only "work" but to do so "undercover" without any show of "authority" or sanctioning! How does a precinct commander unleash such vile, corrupt, individuals upon a community and sanction their disregard for law and brutalizations by "paying off" their victims? Every single one of these officers are from the selfsame precinct! And the commanding officers within it, REFUSE to charge them for the murders committed! And though I am only "one person" I cannot be the only one "outraged" about the entire episode! I am not only outraged but I am willing to do some thing about it. Those whom I have tagged in this pix living in the NYC area who are also willing to do something please contact me. Immediately! Cause if we allow this thing to go on any further without being dealt with we can "hang it up". There will be "no end" to the flagrant violations we will see. And if we can't get an officer "charged and arrested" who has an established career of "criminal activity" then what the hell else do we propose to do? I've said all I intend to say about it. The rest is on you.

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