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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Honoring A Giant

By: Dr Clarke

We you look at the chronology of history you will see there was NO European in ancient times. When the ancient world emerged there was No Europe. Europe emerged at the end of the ancient world, at the beginning of the modern world. It took advantage of the fall of the ancient world. It copied from the peoples and it put its name on things it did Not develop. It was like a faker, a liar, and a murderer who discovered absolutely nothing... he is being celebrated now 500 years after the mass murder he set ion motion. Such genocide would make Hitler look like a Sunday School Boy.
What I'm trying to say is that this 1st European view of Afrika was somewhat strange, but a compliment. When we 1st meet the African image in the Illiad and the Odeysseyien Greek Mythology, it is complimentary. It's strange and unique, but it's complimentary. People who are 10 Feet tall with 1 eye in the middle of the head, that's strange but it's not an absolute insult.
The Greeks thought that the Egyptians were the favorites of the gods. Even Prophet Muhammad told his followers "Go to Ethiopia, go to that righteous land where No one is wrong." This was as late as the 17th century A.D.
Words of The Great - Dr John H. Clarke

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