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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Help Needed

Two African American was arrested April 26 2008 for attempted robbery for 50 cent. One of the youngmen was my son Demetrius Royal is my son who suffering from borderline retardation, psychosis and orgnaic brain injury which he was not evaluated by a Doctor before going to trail supported by the trail transcript his Constitution Rights has been Violated. He had been deny his police report i file a complaint against the Firt Wayne police with the Public Access Conuselor and they ruled in my favor then told me my next step was a Class Action Law Suit. We need help!! My son did not get a fair trial Judge Surbeck violated the Indiana State Code 35-36-3-1 by not having mental experts detemine my son competency before trial. There is so much more to the unjustice case my number is 317-600-1072, April Royal.

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