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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Callin Ur Bluff

"Hip Hop has become a playground for punks, pervs, and pedophiles."
At least that's how a "Washington, DC" rapper/activist , Yasin 360wiseguy feels about the current state of rap music. The artists has issued a strong pre-Father's day warning to the male rappers, "Change Your Posture!"

According to Yasin, Hip Hop has done something that 400 years of slavery could not. It destroyed Black manhood.
"There are no real men in commercial Hip Hop today, says Yasin. "At least back in slavery our manhood was taken from us, now we give it away."

Yasin states that the males in Hip Hop have been castrated which is why it is not uncommon for many of them to wear feminine articles of clothing such as skirts and skinny jeans.
He is also concerned that many rappers in their 30's and 40's are targeting adolescents with their music that promotes sex, drugs and violence.

"Most of the songs are like a pornographic versions of Sesame Street, " he says.
"These dudes should be charged with the statutory rape of rap."

As a solution, Yasin has started the "Change Your Posture" Campaign demanding that rappers stop bowing down to the entertainment industry and stand up like real men this Father's Day.
On his website http://changeyourposture.org he has a list of rappers who need to change their posture and the reasons why they need to do so.
(1).Lil Wayne (2).Rick ross (3).Drake (4).Trinandad James (5).Chief Keef (6).2-Chains (7.)kayne West (8).Gucci Mane (9).Tyler the Creator (10).Juicy J
The artist has also just released a scathing video that he hopes will shame rappers into being better role models called "Callin Ur Bluff."

For more information contact (202)239-2929
twitter @Iam360WiseGuy
email- info@360WiseGuyMusicGroup.com
website http://www.ChangeYourPosture.org


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