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Thursday, 21 June 2012

“The Trials of Davontae Sanford” Casting Call for Short Film

We are casting for several roles both speaking and non speaking for the short film “The Trials of Davontae Sanford”. This film will be shooting ALL DAY on Saturday, June 23rd in the Ypsilanti area.
This hard hitting true story follows Davontae Sanford who is wrongly convicted of a quadruple murder and hired hit man, Vincent Smothers. It’s a cold tale of violence and deceit that examines the legendary Runyan Street Murders and its aftermath.
Casting Call Details:
Tuesday, June 19th from 5:00pm to 6:30pm
Ypsilanti District Library (in the basement)
229 West Michigan Avenue
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Available Roles:
Vincent Smothers: Age 27 – (Speaking) Vincent is a soft-spoken and charming man with a handsome smile and a polished persona. He grew up on Detroit’s eastside but certainly is not a man who embodied a murder-for-hire existence.
Keilea Smothers: Age 15 – (Speaking) Vincent’s sister. Beautiful, outgoing and is the family pride and joy.
Smothers Brother: Age 20 (Speaking Total opposites of Vincent.) He is mean, bold, and aggressive. Gets into an argument with another man in front of their house.
Smothers Kids: 7-year-old and 1 year old, Also, A “Dog” (Non speaking) maybe one or two words at the dinner table.
Cecily: Vincent’s baby’s mom – (Speaking) Very pretty, nice smile, with a curvy body. Have to be willing to were just panties in the movie.
Berry Vincent: Co-Defendant – (Speaking) Dirty dark skin dude with braids, Dumb and money hungry, no morals.
Vincent Neighbor: (Speaking) Middle age white man well dressed, educated and observant. Wares a suit and carries a newspaper in his hand.
2 Drug Dealers: (Speaking) from Chicago, wearing Chicago hats talking like gangsters.
Davontae Sanford: Age 14 – (Speaking) Mentally challenged, blind out of one eye and he always has a story to tell.
Grandmother: (Non speaking)
4 Kids Playing Football: Ages 14-17 (Speaking)
Deontae: Davontae’s cousin, age 14 – (Speaking) Clean cut, talks with a tang and thinks he is the leader. He is a homosexual.
Cop 1: Middle age (Non speaking)
Cop 2: Middle age (Non speaking)
Drug Lord “Adurus Black”: (Non speaking)
Ross Cobb: Age 47 (Speaking) Black woman who dresses like a business lady, well spoken with a soft voice.
David Cobb: Age 48 (Speaking) bald black man, who cheats on his wife and drinks allot.
5 Victims: (Speaking) Michael Robinson Sir 33 (died), D Angelo McNoriell 21 (died), Brian Dixon 21 (died), Nicole Chapman 25 (died), Valerie Glover 30 (died), Michael Robinson Jr 7 (remained-un-harmed)
Neighbor in Shootout Runyon: (Speaking) 50-60 years old, scary, and brave, calls police before firing his shot gun at VS.
2 Dudes who kill Vincent Sister: (1 speaking) Gangbangers, talk like eastside Detroiters.
10-15 Party People Extras
10-15 No Justice/Peace Rally Extras
There is no compensation but all will receive credit for being a part of this special project.
How to Apply:
If you are interested in being a part of this production, please email your name, age, contact information, a picture of yourself and your availability on Saturday, June 23rd to:quilenjohnson@yahoo.com

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