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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Everybody please pray for James.

Everybody please pray for James. He was found guilty today on 4 charges, and he is inconsolable right now. I am going over to the jail right now to see him on a specially approved, quickly arranged visit. Pray that all the angels and saints will minister to his heart, as he feels like it's over. We are mounting an appeal which we will get some relief on, but I need all your help tonight...please pray for James


  1. UPDATE ON James : I have exchanged words with Steve regarding James and he has now been placed under close supervison on suicide watch.. I will keep you all informed ..

  2. Spoke with Steve Sydebotham today- he will remain in Memphis until July 11th when James is set to be sentenced. James is distraught and not faring well emotionally. We are hoping that the state will grant a move to Boys Town for James. Please keep James & Steve in prayer.....