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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Adidas "shackle" sneakers ... Stylish slave footwear !

The corruption, deceit and hypocrisy of America knows no bonds. The NYPD stop & frisk over a half million minorities trying to meet ticket and arrest quotas and claim it's to keep those very people safe. They shoot unarmed black men and woman and claim it was in self defense. Now a German sneaker company has put shackles on their sneakers and tried to peddle them to our young to subliminally program them that they are slaves.

Even the black villain in the latest Superman animated movie is wearing shackles on his wrist to teach children that black people will always be slaves and less than their white counterparts. The most shocking part about all this is if anyone points out any of these facts, they are made to believe it is all a figment of their imagination and they are ridiculed and told to forget the past.

We are dealing with the most diabolically deceptive demons this side of the milky way. They want to be able to destroy your mind as well as your children's and they don't want you to complain while they do it. Absolutely incredible, thank God nothing last forever and their time is almost up !

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