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Friday, 22 June 2012

Time for the Black Man to clean up and protect our communities~.wmv

Please listen to this important show, family it's important. I need you to help me to spread the word this is the time that we have been born for. We are the leaders NOW and we must come to order. I'm sick of us killing us, I'm sick of us beating us. I'm sick of the enemy beating us and we are standing around watching and putting it on video. I have had it over my head got damn it and I know you should be feed up with this crap also. So please help me to help us. We are at War with the enemy and ourselves and we can't fight on both fronts. Hell we are not the enemy of each other we are the same people. The enemy is the enemy if you refuse to clean up and stop killing each other.I Swear before God you will be sorry! Truth has come to you!

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