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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Can't pay? No health care.

A letter a day to number 10. No 735.

Thursday 08 May 2014. Can't pay? No health care.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

Let's be clear about something, this is a country where you can't do good for doing bad. In 2011 I visited the Occupy Bath group in Queens Square with some bags of food. During the short time I was there two cars passed with the drivers calling loudly, 'Get a job!'

I am not a well travelled man so I don't know if it is unique to this country that activists, protesters, protectors and even the unions are seen as trouble makers and figures of scorn in the eyes of many.

It is extraordinary that those with a heart and mind to act on behalf of self and others for the betterment of our society in some way are so widely regarded as wasters, trouble makers and shirkers.

By and large, it seems, this is a country of the selfish, the self seeking and the self righteous and there are none who shout so loudly as the smugly self righteous.

And now it comes to this, GPs are to vote for the final demise of our NHS, world famously free at the point of use! All of us mad loons and wasters have been right all along and all those who couldn't be bothered to pay attention are about to find out what their silence is going to cost them. Our NHS, revered the world over, paid for by us, is about to face the final betrayal.

Naturally, this will affect the elderly, the poor and vulnerable the most. Ten pounds may mean nothing to you or even GPs, but that is the food off the tables of the poor. The NHS has lasted less than a generation, betrayed by you, the man who promised to protect it before you formed your treacherous coalition with the Lib-Dems.

Now is the time for protest in every town, village and hamlet, the action needed to protect our once great NHS lies no further away than right where we live.

Your place in history is assured as the man who presided over the destruction of our NHS!

 — inPeasedown Saint John.

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