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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Cyntoia Brown

Ms Cyntoia Brown #410593
MLCC-D South, L2
Mark H Luttrell Correctional Center
6000 State Road
Memphis,Tennessee 38134

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  1. hi my name is doctor Johnson I pray that God blesses you with a better life everything happens for a reason I know your intention was not to kill him God has blessed you to be out of street who knows what could have happened to you if you would have stayed in the streets God has took you out the street so you can better your self now it's time to release you you have done more than enough time you deserve to be free I'm from Los Angeles California I was raised in the streets and I have done a lot of things that I'm still paying for It now I just thank God for everything he have done for me even when you feel he's not there he's always there just continue to pray keep your head up stay blessed and stay strong your time is coming for your release believe it all you have to do is believe it and pray on it God got you he will fight all your battles and he will make a way so I said that to say this just stay strong and pray if you pray now I'll pray harder God have blessed me alot through the years at one time I was facing four counts of murder and they couldnt prove it that's god only God the last time I was released in from prison my last trip I was told that I have to do a mandatory 5 years well I prayed a lot and I only did one year no parole no Probation nothing like that but if you need someone to talk to or money on your books feel free to call me or write me a letter anything to help your time go by fast I'll be there to help because I know what it's like to live in the streets at the age of 13 gang bangin shooting and getting shot but thats enough about me....my address is 105 Deann Dr Hinesville Georgia 31313 and my number is 912-320-7484 cant wait to hear from you

  2. woah, that is a very nice word u have there. may God strengthen u