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Sunday, 25 May 2014

*Gender Terrorist Attack Leaves Six Women Dead in California*

Price of Silence Statement: First, let us say that our hearts go out to the friends and families of the victims of this attack on innocent women. The cold blooded murder of six girls in California by a coward who was influenced by the hateful ideology of the Mens Rights Movement, illuminates that the host of weapons in the arsenal of gender apartheid is not taken seriously until blood is spilt, and lives are stolen. Previous to this attack which ruthlessly ended six women's futures, there were numerous warning signs for authorities,society, family, youtube and more to act to prevent this tragedy of entitlement. No one bothered to act, why?
Men around the world, from overseeing the sweatshops to managing the gun shops, to those who impose the policies and the lack of policies that guide societies, from the cultures of objectifying music, to the cultures of objectifying violence against women in video games, to the exclusion of women in schools, films, and to exclusions from attaining other means of cultural capital for the benefit of womankind, will not change a system from which they profit and benefit.
So it us up to you to get educated, to become empowered, despite the barbwire defense of pristine indignity sold for small gains and used to keep you, us, womankind settling for a reality unworthy of our existence.
It is time to fight back, to build a better world, a safer world, in which your existence is justified in being, instead of someone justifying their entitlement to you by virtue of an inflated sense of being.
-Price of Silence
Price of Silence

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