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Friday, 16 May 2014

FREE CAUL GRANT - Wandsworth HMP 17th/18th May

our colleague and dear friend, Caul Grant, was imprisoned 28 days for contempt of court after the presiding judge Greenfield denied lawful application for return of Witness. This unlawful act, unfortunately, caused Caul to see red and he pulled the phone from the wall in the dock, and he called the judge some names.

After hearing our versions of events on the 23rd September 2013, Greenfield decided that we (3/4) were ‘guilty’ and that 'inspector wade' acted lawfully in our arrests. However, he dismissed charges on one of us, although we all were doing the exact same act???

Surely, clearly, the administrators of Justice have gone mad! To lock up a Father whose only goal is Truth & Justice for the AVOIDABLE death of his 15mth Son is deplorable. Enough is enough!

Therefore, in light of these events Empowerment Mondays The Weekly Protest 2014, family and friends have decided to visit Wandsworth HMP over the weekend to express solidarity with our fellow campaigner Caul Grant, and to express our disappointment of yet another miscarriage of justice, he should not be in there one day longer!


Today is another day in the battle to Defend and Protect Our Human Rights and Liberties.

Join with us if you are interested in the protection and preservation of Your Human Rights & Liberties. ALL are welcome!

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