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Monday, 2 December 2013

People For Schapelle Corby

The wilful political use of Australian law to enact a blatant act of theft from Schapelle Corby is documented by the following report:

This was unprecedented. Criminals, gangsters, murderers, you name it: no problem. Write a book, sit back at home, and enjoy the revenue.

Here's a famous Australian gangster called Chopper Read, for example... not only was he allowed to benefit openly from writing about his crimes, but he felt confident enough about it to complain publicly because he felt he wasn't benefitting enough:

Yet we have Schapelle, simply writing about what had happened to her since her arrest in Bali, desperately seeking the revenue for medication and another legal appeal, having the full weight of the AFP and the Australian state bearing down upon her, to seize her book royalties.

Witness the illegal extension of Australian law outside its borders, the gross subversion of the judicial system itself, and worst of all, the clear unmitigated signal it sent to Jakarta still during her legal process.... the signal that this is the Proceeds Of CRIME, enacted by Australia, therefore she must be guilty of a crime.

Not one single politician had the integrity or guts to stand up for her, whilst she was openly looted and sold by their corrupt and cowardly colleagues. Not one.

To this day, Schapelle remains the only person in Australian history to have book royalties seized. Even the poster-boy of the money and status led Australian humanitarian industry, David Hicks, was allowed to keep his book revenue, despite his training with Lashkar-e-Taiba (Wikipedia: "one of the largest and most active terrorist organizations in South Asia"). Everyone is allowed to keep it, no matter what their crime or circumstances. EVERYONE.

Except for Schapelle.


Because she refused to sell her soul, to make a false confession, and to get the money-men who owned Sydney airport off the hook, along with the paid-for political pygmies in Canberra. Because her innocence exposes what they are, and what the politicians and the establishment of Australia are capable of doing in pursuit of self-interest.

They sought to crush her, to silence her forever, to make sure she could never return home and speak.

They deliberately kicked the ladder from under her, whilst she was desperately fighting for her sanity and her life in brutal circumstances in a hostile foreign nation.

One of our jobs, one day, will be to pursue the spiteful, malicious, self-serving criminals responsible for this.


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