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Monday, 9 December 2013

The torturous gift of a get out gaol free card from Mr Cameron.

A letter a day to number 10. No 589.

Tuesday 10 December 2013. The torturous gift of a get out gaol free card from Mr Cameron.

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This letter may seem a bit obscure or even a joke, it is anything but. When the gagging bill becomes law the liberty of all dissenters will come under threat. How we face that and how we conduct ourselves becomes very important. Dissent carries on in our dealings with the police. The right to remain silent is extremely important, or answering a question with a question and finding ways to hold our ground. I am not offering 'implausible deniability' as a joke (although much jesting and messing with officialdoms heads is in order), it is used all the time in parliament and occurs every time a politician says something, some cretinous spin, say, and we feel like smashing our monitors or TV's at the outrageous and obvious bullshit. So it is about using their own techniques against them.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I have finally cracked it and it's all thanks to you. I never thought I would see the day when I thanked you for anything, but here, it undeniably, is.

You see, the issue is about something I have given a great deal of thought and consideration to. When you finally send round the boys and girls in blue to pick all of us inconvenient bloggers and activists up, the question is how best to deal with whatever trumped up nonsense they will have been sent round to arrest us for? The answer has been staring me in the face every day from the very articles it is necessary to read given your all out assault of, and war on, the poor and your dismantling of the state.

The final breakthrough came tonight as I looked forward to Iain Duncan Smith facing the work and pensions select committee tomorrow into his misuse of statistics. What I and many others, I am sure, expect, is an unending stream of what we plebs colloquially call bullshit, but clearly that term is not suitable for a committee or court of law. So the term I have come up with as a blanket defence for which you politicians are famous is 'implausible deniability'.

It's an expression which has a pleasing poignancy, symmetry and aptness which perfectly suits the circumstances. I am not sure that I could ever match Esther McVeys grinding and irritating tones of slavish parrot speak or Duncan Smiths indignation and rage at the least suggestion he is exactly what he is, a liar. Yet they have set the example we can all follow, talk complete bollocks and Jabberwocky nonsense with absolute impunity. You, yourself, are a great exponent of implausible deniability, you promised to protect our NHS and front line services and to bring about recovery before the next general election. You have, of course, done the exact opposite and latterly promised that austerity is here to stay so far as we plebs are concerned.

It is astonishing to watch you in PMQ's not even bothering to defend the indefensible, but engaging in an obscene cock fight of self serving self righteousness no matter how implausible what you are saying is. Your relationship with, and knowledge of, the lived reality of ordinary people is not just tenuous, it is entirely absent, and yet you manage to speak with such arrogant certitude it beggars belief. They say ignorance is not a defence in law, when really it is just a matter of whose ignorance we are talking about. As implausible as your certitude versus ignorance may seem to us, the black is white doctrine of your war on the poor as economic recovery is an example for all of us when the rozzers come to call. My personal contribution (with generous help from many good people) to the economic well being of the Royal Mail is an example to the world (underhandedly undersold though it was), I shall expect the rozzers to be bringing me a personal invitation to the Palace at the very least, although you will have to forgive me when I politely decline the invitation.


— in Peasedown Saint John.

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