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Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas and New Year is the worst time of year for Schapelle Corby

Christmas and New Year is the worst time of year for Schapelle. It is the time which most reminds her of her family, her old life, and her years of loneliness and fear.

This year she has remained in her cell continually, as she has previously when struggling to see any light or hope, not even venturing out to see her family. She is traumatized at being caught by the media, who are allowed into the prison for Christmas events. She is again in turmoil.

These are her own words, from 2006:

"The isolation is mental torture. Christmas only heightens the pain of my situation"

"New Year's Eve was also depressing as it just represented another year stolen from me"

"I miss my family, my friends, and my life so much. My soul hurts with loneliness despite being surrounded so closely by so many people.

"This Christmas I've also missed my sister Mercedes. She's gone to Australia to have her third baby and it's our first Christmas apart since this ordeal started. I'm glad that her children enjoyed a normal Christmas this year though, instead of having Christmas lunch laid out on a dirty cement floor with Aunst Schapelle in jail, as they've done the past two years."

"I may wear make-up and I may look OK, but I'm not OK. The pain some days, especially around Christmas, is unbearable. I didn't do this. I'm hanging on tighty to a knot at the end of a rope and I know I could slip off at any time."

She has had ten of these to bear. TEN.

Those in Australia who buried the proof of her innocence, lied, and covered-up, haven't spared a second thought for her. The rest of the politicians look the other way, and could not care less. The media do the dirty work, sedating the public with endless lies and smears against her and her family.

To them, she is expendable.... which means that everyone reading this post is expendable too.

Our new year’s resolution is simple: We resolve to free Schapelle. We resolve to make this her last Christmas of torment, no matter who we have to confront.

Together we can and will do it. We have to.

The truth:

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