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Sunday, 29 December 2013

CeCe McDonald gets out of prison in just a little over 2 weeks.

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Supporters are looking for a few donations. If you have any of these things laying around the house please feel free to drop them off for CeCe at The Exchange, 3405 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis.

*Twin sized bed frame: Headboard/footboard/ralls/all that!
*Sewing supplies: Needles, threads, pins, fabrics, cutting boards, notions, patterns, etc.
*Gift cards to Target, Grocery Stores, Joanne fabrics, Walgreens, etc. — 

For those out of state: items (gift cards, sewing supplies) can be mailed to this address:
Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition,
3405 Chicago Ave, Suite 103
Minneapolis, MN 55407 
RE: CeCe McDonald


Free All Political Prisoners!

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