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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Son of Scottsboro Boy Speaks Out on The Scottsboro Boys' Pardon & Exoner...

"Never Too Late For Justice: Bro. Clarence Norris Jr., son of Scottsboro Boy Clarence Norris Sr., Speaks Out on The Scottsboro Boys' Pardon and Exoneration..."

"The Scottsboro Boys' Case"

In 1931, nine black youths ages 13 to 19
were pulled from a train in Paint Rock,
Alabama, arrested and
taken to nearby Scottsboro, Alabama,
where they were jailed, tried and
declared guilty of raping two white
women — a crime that never occurred.
All-white male juries quickly sentenced
eight to death. A long-term and
ultimately successful campaign to save
the youths' lives and, in time, exonerate
them led to one of the most dramatic
and revealing civil rights struggles in
U.S. history.

"Legal Precedents"

The Scottsboro Boys' case is recognized internationally
as one of the most infamous in legal history. The U.S.
Supreme Court twice heard arguments in the case,
leading to two landmark civil-rights precedents
regarding: The right to counsel - The Court ruled the defendants
were denied the right to effective counsel in their first
trial when the judge named all members of the Jackson
County bar to defend them, effectively diffusing final
responsibility for their case. (Patterson vs. Alabama,
1932) Nondiscrimination in juror rolls - Because Jackson
County juror rolls excluded blacks, the Court ruled the
defendants had not received equal protection under the
law. (Norris vs. Alabama, 1935)

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