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Friday, 24 May 2013

Bring Bertha Home! Stop The Deportations!

Bertha: Mother of 5, Arrested on Her Way to a Family Baptism in Front of Her Three Daughters.
Sign and Share the Petition at bit.ly/BringBerthaHome
Six months ago, Bertha Alicia Avila Medrano (A# 076-257-333) was arrested while driving her three daughters to California to attend a family baptism. Jennifer (16), Rosaly (9), and Xitlaly (5) now wake up every morning with the image of their mom being taken away in handcuffs. Bertha has been detained in Eloy for 6 months, in the same detention center where two detainees committed suicide less than a month ago, far from their families and communities.
Bertha needs your help, so that she can get back home where she belongs. She is a dedicated volunteers at children's schools and her church, known for her generous smile and how much she gives back to make her community a better place for everyone. Her two oldest children attend Carl Hayden High School in Phoenix, where they are in the top 1% of their classes, committed to becoming a doctor and an engineer with their mother's loving support.
Please sign today, and let ICE know that Bertha should be free, with her family where she belongs. http://bit.ly/BringBerthaHome

Call ICE Director John Morton at 202.732.3000
Sample Script:
"Hi, I am calling to ask that you release Bertha Alicia Avila Medrano aka Teresa Rojas Aguila (A# 076-257-333). She is the mother of 5 U.S. Citizen children and active volunteer at her children's schools and her church. She is a valuable member of our community, and we want her back home where she belongs. Please release Bertha immediately!"

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