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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Magdelene Laundries - Child Slavery Part 2

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Generation No More is continuing its series on the Magdelene Laundries/Good Shepard Schools Child Slavery. This series is an investigation by Washington Times Columnist Jerome Elam. The second part of this series we are joined by the magnificent author Ms. Rebecca McCarthy, who first publish "Origins of the Magdelene Laundries" back in January 2010. Along with Jerome Elam, Author Rebecca McCarthy; we will also have three voices of survivors from the institutions within the United States. Diana O'Hara, Dori and Rosemary who were all held within the walls of these institutions for what the government considered to be wayward girls, or perhaps vain, smiling at a boy or whatever other reason seemed to fit their need for locking these girls away. This is a series about just one of the many atrocities our country and the Catholic Church have been connected with and we do hope you join us in the continuation of this wonderful investigation published in articles most recently by Jerome Elam as he met with and is making the recovery journey with just a few of these amazing women.

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