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Monday, 27 May 2013

Stopping All The Pain!

Tawana Brawley: A Reality Check © By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.
Since most Blacks in the United States are unable to engage in or to embrace the principles of critical thinking or logic to reach a solution or an answer, it is necessary for most of us to employ hypotheticals. Inductive reasoning or deductive reasoning is too difficult for most of us to apply to solve problems.
If a white girl had been found four days after she had been reported missing and her body had been smeared with feces and racial remarks like BLA (Black Liberation Army) had been written on it, the only remaining question would have been the identity of any Black suspect. Heads would roll. This would be construed as an attack against white manhood.
If a Black attorney general had taken over the investigation and he, instead of a grand jury, had declared her claim to be a "hoax", he would have had to pay, in hell, for his defamatory remark. A grand jury can only issue a true bill or a no-true bill. In the history of American jurisprudence, no grand jury has ever used the term "hoax". Whites know their law.
The white community would have demanded the immediate disclosure of an autopsy report of a "suspect" instead of relying on the word of a Black attorney general who claimed that the suspect killed himself instead of being killed by his colleagues especially since there was no gun found and no suicide note was present at the crime scene.
In the meantime, the Black attorney general successfully sought to "bar" a white attorney from practicing law for telling the truth and enforcing the law. Others had actually killed the Black suspect, a police officer. They were his "friends". There would have been a homicide investigation and prosecution. In the defamation trial, a Black judge instructed the jury that truth was not a defense to defamation. In other words, the autopsy report lacks the evidentiary value to prove truth.
When it was discovered during a defamation trial ten years later that the white attorney had told the truth about the cause and manner of death of the Black suspect for the kidnapping and rape of the white girl and that a petit jury, consisting mostly of Blacks, found that the white girl had truthfully fingered a Black, assistant district attorney, the white girl and her attorney would have been vindicated and the white attorney would have been restored to the practice of law. This would have been the demand from the entire white community.
Out of over forty million Blacks in the United States, there are only about three hundred Blacks who are not afraid to side with the truth and with Tawana and Glenda Brawley. About two hundred of them were in Paterson, New Jersey on Mother's Day 2013. About another one hundred Blacks can be included by their prior deeds.
Of the high-profile persons in the United States, only five of them, through their deeds or words, have expressed support for Tawana and Glenda Brawley. They are Pam Africa, Empress Phile, Rev. C. Herbert Oliver, Dr. Leonard Jeffries and Dick Gregory. Four of them were in Paterson, NJ on Mother's Day 2013. All of the other high-profile, Black religious leaders, Black elected officials (present or former), activists, entertainers, celebrities, and athletes were headed for the tall grass and away from the Brawleys.
This means that nearly forty million Black persons would have to admit that virtually all high-profile Blacks in the world are racially inferior, mentally suspect or harbor defective character flaws. The class includes Blacks like President Barack Obama and, unfortunately, to common, job holders like "street cleaners" or the unemployed.
There may be other reasons for this display of mental deficiency or racial inferiority. They can be found in treatises like The Miseducation of the Negro by Dr. Carter G. Woodson or the Psychological Chains of Slavery by Dr. Naím Akbar. One of my favorite reads is the Wretched of the Earth by Franz Fanon.
Before the petit jury in Dutchess County had found that the case was not a "hoax", the white activist would oppose the Black attorney general. After the petit jury found that it was not a "hoax", ten years later, this white activist would vigorously support a subsequent, Black prosecutor who had the mindset of the prior Black attorney general.
In the meantime, the Black attorney general would indict and prosecute the white activist on a 67-count indictment. This white activist would attempt to destroy his white, defense attorney after he had saved the white activist from a conviction on the indictment pro bono. He now has a desk in the office of the present, state attorney general and invariably sides with New York State. This arose out of a campaign promise.
The hypotheticals continue. On February 2, 2012, Ramarley Graham, a white youth, had been killed by a Black cop in his home in the Bronx. The white activist, who later turned state's evidence and sided with the Black attorney general, would be chosen by the Graham family to secure justice for it and against his boss, the mayor of the "Big Apple". This white activist had earned the reputation of being a "snitch". He refuses to bite the hand that feeds him.
Bro  Kweku

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