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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Horror beyond comprehension!

Horror beyond comprehension! This is too sick and horrifying for words. Do people have to destroy and victimize all defenseless living beings? How come the human mind is so twisted?

Please help to put pressure that finally someone reacts in Croatia in horror the events on the farm B. Borkovića



Aida Husedžinović:

"So, today, dogs whose owner is a well known public figure (Branko Borković - Mladi Jastreb), were caught on video eating a horse lying down, barely alive, but still moving. The horse too belongs to the mentioned man. Everything was so loud and brutal that the whole village gathered around and witnessed this horror. The dogs were so starved and in a state of apathy that they attacked the horse. And so someone called the police and press while the horror was still taking place. But no one could stop it because the dogs were so hungry and out of control. And now I ask myself and you too what the hell is wrong with this world, who the hell is the next victim. This time it's a horse, tomorrow it could be a child. The dogs could get loose and nobody would control them. I blame the owner and I'm ashamed of the society I live in. I ask myself if the police would do anything, if the press would do anything, and if yes, then what, to stop this cruelty and abuse of animals and punish the persons responsible."

When are the barbarians going to be punished? Are we waiting to see something like this to wake up?

The truth is both a great and terrible thing- the wise submit when confronted by it! THE ANIMAL HOLOCAUST IS REAL! BE THEIR VOICE! SPEAK OUT! Help us spread the message by sharing the page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Animal-Cruelty-Exposed/363725540304160

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