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Saturday, 18 May 2013

If you are on the State of Illinois Murder Register act its your time to fight!

In the State of Illinois "Andrea's Law" took affect creating Illinois first and only murder registry act Under the provisions of House Bill 263. On January 1, 2012 this law took affect which requires inmates that were released and served their entire sentence and in some cases were off parole but released from the Illinois Department of Corrections since 2002 to register with their local police to be placed on the murder registry act for ten years. In addition the people released under this act must pay 100.00 dollars each year when its their appointed time to register. Failure to registry can land someone in prison for much as three years.

I believe that some Illinois legislators are under the impression that this law will stop violent crime or help police to solve crimes. Over seventy-five percent of the murders that occurred in Chicago last year remains to be unsolved according to WBGX host Harold Davis who is a community activist.

This is a unjust law. It has not deterred crime and some of the files are store in the State Police database incorrectly showing that a person is in non-compliance leading to IDOC sending a unit of officers knocking in doors and looking for people that should not be listed as non-compliance.

People that have been convicted of crimes and served out their entire sentences and entire parole! should not be held accountable to additional sanctions that was not in effect at the time they were arrested and sentences by a judge in the state of Illinois. Down in Springfield their are games that are played by legislators. For example voting on legislation without reading it and co/signing inhumane legislation that continue to enforce sanctions against men and women even after they have served their sentence. It is hard enough on these people! and to make life harder amounts to a unfair and unjust society that is taking advantage of people that are no longer creating the problems that exist in the community however working for change in the community.

If you are a ex-offender that was charged with murder and is currently on the murder registry act and would like to fight against this unjust law would you please give Mark Clements a call at 847-276-1382 starting this Monday morning, May 20, 2013. When the enemy come against you people! you must learn to stand up and to fight against it. You do not have to tell me who you are on facebook, but give me a call and lets build a movement that cannot be silence.


Mark A. Clements

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