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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Davontae Sanford case

To everyone knowledgeable about the Davontae Sanford case. The Michigan Court of Appeals has still not yet scheduled oral argument. The latest entry on the docket shows that the Court of Appeals sent Sanford's attorney a letter a few weeks ago asking for copies of some transcripts. I suspect once the court receives those transcripts, oral argument will follow, probably in July or August, after which we will hold a demonstration calling for his release outside the courthouse. After much thought about my earlier plan, which was to form a human chain around the assistant prosecutor outside after oral argument and shout him down for their crimes in wrongfully convicting Mr. Sanford, so as not to jeopardize his chances on appeal, it is best we use modesty at the rally and educate the public about his case instead. We would not want any acts of civil disobedience be imputed to Mr. Sanfrd in the eyes of the three judge panel. As much as I wold love to commit civil disobedience and even risk arrest given the significant constitutional issues in the case, the risk to Mr. Sanford's appeal are too great to do that. And for those who doubt my determination, you only need to ask those who have seen me in action at rallies and demonstrations to know that I cut no words and do not speak softly at the evildoers. There is a time and place for civil disobedience, but the oral argument for Mr. Sanford is not one of them.

 Roberto Guzman

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