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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

To The Past


  1. You are STILL stealing info from Sara Kruzan's very own page! Thereby Re-exploiting a survivor. You are despicable Elizabeth O Hara

  2. Elizabeth O Hara is nothing but a leech. She is using other peoples photos without their permission. Even photos marked 'all rights reserved'. When one complains to her, her answer is blocking you out from writing her. At the same time, we have matched IP adresses to fakepages still stealing and copying other peoples work. The IP addresses match up; Elizabeth. Lawyers are now going to handle her, since she flatly refuses to give back stolen work, and continues her RE-exploitation of survivor Sara Kruzan whom, wants NOTHING to do with Elizabeth O Hara!

  3. I removed the post above Michael I blocked Elizabeth O Hara a year go of all my pages It Is very sad what she is doing smdh