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Sunday, 25 September 2011


The best way to move forward in life is to say goodbye to the past and embrace the future as we fully live in the present, making the most of it, making it our own, and cherishing every moment we've been given.
For it’s when we say goodbye to the past and those who hurt us that we are truly free, free to be ourselves, free to love the life we live, and free to open our hearts to others who come along. It’s in the power of goodbye that we find the strength to really move on and continue a new chapter in our lives because it’s when we say goodbye to the negative influences that we finally begin to see everything in our lives that makes it worth it, see everything we have inside us that we didn’t see before, and we have a whole new perspective and view on life and where we want to go and who we want to be. -Jenna Kandyce Linch

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