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Friday, 2 September 2011

Justice for Edward Sanders

 Edward Sanders was practically a child when he went to prison in 1975 at the age of 17 for an incident in which he was not the shooter. He was sentenced to juvenile life without parole, yet has been a model prisoner for all these years. He is a good friend of mine and others I know. He nearly lost his life in July as a result of a brutal attack. Please help by signing our petition to have him transferred to Wayne County while we continue the fight for the release of Edward and others like him, and for the freedom of Davontae Sanford.
@Diane Bukowski


By Diane Bukowski (Contact)

To be delivered to: Thomas Mackie, Deputy Warden, Kinross Correctional Facility and Governor Rick Snyder

“Immediately transfer Edward Sanders, MDOC #141545, from Kinross Correctional Facility to a Wayne County, Michigan prison in partial compensation for the unprovoked brutal attack which nearly took his life July 11, 2011, due to the negligence of prison authorities.”

Edward Sanders #141545 has been incarcerated in Michigan's state prisons since 1975, when he was 17, sentenced to life without parole. (He was not the shooter in his case.) He has a bachelor's degree, legal skills and assists others spiritually. His prison record is virtually unblemished. In July, 2011, he was nearly killed at Kinross prison by another prisoner known for his history of repeated violent assaults on prisoners he is housed with. It is time for Michigan to grant clemency to Edward; meanwhile he must be transferred back to Wayne County with a stipulation for a 2 man room or cell housing.

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