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Saturday, 19 September 2015

People For Schapelle Corby #Icare4innocentSchapelle

  People For Schapelle Corby

Whilst this was first published almost a year ago, it is incredible that nothing has really changed since. The media still haunt her with their lies and smears, and the politicians hide.

All Schapelle wants is peace and tranquillity: to be left alone by those who hound her and malign her with smears and lies. She wants a life.

But she is locked away in her own room, fearful that any appearance in public will be used against her in some way, and that anyone she meets will be the next to be used against her. She is scared of the snoopers and the leaches, who will take secret photographs of her private moments, and sell them to the exploiters. She is still not free.

She is a sitting target: she has no right of reply to anything they print or broadcast about her, because she is illegally gagged. Her human rights are openly breached. She has nowhere to turn.

Her tormentors are the Australian media, whose obscene and sickening campaign is endorsed from Canberra itself.

Make no mistake about this: the politicians have been informed time and time again. They have been sent details of the most terrible of abuses. People have BEGGED them to intervene, to defend her, to protect her human rights. They don’t even bother to reply.

Her torment is a win-win for them. The media’s illegal activities and abuses spanning nine years remain hidden. The proven corruption of the politicians, and the involvement of the AFP, remain buried. To them all, Schapelle Corby is a problem because the truth is a problem. The tacit support for the undermining of the victim and her credibility, therefore spans the entire establishment.

These are the actions of weak and tiny men. They are the actions of cowards. They are the actions of criminals. Schapelle Corby’s dignity and courage in standing up to this, in surviving, shames every one of them.

Schapelle Corby and her family will never stand alone in facing this. All of us, supporters and friends, will stand by them, and will confront the perpetrators at every turn.

The truth will prevail, and when it does, Schapelle will truly be free.



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