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Thursday, 17 September 2015

DISL Automatic - Classic Man Remix (Jidenna ft. Kendrick Lamar)

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This song will be featured on the upcoming mixtape "Power to the People Vol.2" from DISL Automatic, which drops 12/21/15.

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a real Hip Hop head / stop spreading the truth? never! I'd rather drop
dead / I know I'm dope but you rarely hear me brag about it / confidence
is silent if you got it you don't have to shout it / wait a minute tho,
sometimes it's fun to flex / sometimes I must confess / I know I'm one
of the best / not competing with nobody so there's no contest / got a
healthy mind and body so I know that I'm blessed / DISL Autometiculous /
intricate when I'm spittin this / whether freestyle or written you know
the flow is ridiculous / when they talkin best MCs they mention me up
in the top ten / I don't rock gems 'cause I be droppin 'em too often /
I'm off in my own zone / kind upon my own throne / when I spit this flow
homie you know I leave your dome blown / I make cool to be intelligent /
I'm schoolin 'em with knowledge, all that foolery's irrelevant / the
general's a veteran / I'm only getting better and if love can heal the
world then I be peddling the medicine / kind and compassionate with my
actions and sentiments / if you ask anybody they'll tell you DISL's a
gentleman / I'm a classic man, I don't disrespect the women / maybe
that's why ladies love me and they wanna have my children / wait a
minute tho, I ain't tryna be arrogant / I'm just keepin it real, this
how I feel so I'm sharing it / got a bleeding heart, you see it on my
sleeve where I'm wearing it / when I die they should bury me like the
pharaohs in pyramids / my spirit's BIG / I got an unbreakable will /
they say that I'm ill / amazing 'em with lyrical skill / when it comes
to the rhymes, god damn it I'm hard / I don't spit punch lines, I drop
body slam bars / I got love for everyone, yeah my heart is that large /
I'm the boss, call me Charles because I am in charge / I'm the ruler of
my own state / creator of my own fate / if you getting love then you
know the trolls are gon' hate / I take it as a compliment, I'm confident
I'm so great / blossoming my mental with an exponential growth rate /
Get BIG Gainsta Click / I'm grateful for the thanks I get / from the fam
who understand the work I put in daily with / the movement, we're doing
it together as a family / classic man, I have to stand and fight for

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