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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How Jadakiss And Styles P Are Bringing Juice Bars To The Hood [INSIGHTS]...

You don’t have to be a legendary rapper in order to help your community, but it certainly helps.

and Styles P are bonafide hip-hop heavyweights whose careers have
spanned three decades, but their legacies may be solidified by something
other than their music.

Through their chain of juice bars, Juices
For Life, The LOX members are looking to provide a much-needed place
for people in low-income neighborhoods to consume something good for
them. These neighborhoods are often referred to as “food deserts,” since
access to nutritional food is virtually nonexistent.

Styles P
said, "In the poorer communities, mostly, the money gets invested in
liquor stores and the kind of things we don’t need."

Jadakiss and
Styles P are leading by example and looking to put an end to food
deserts through their Juices For Life locations, but they aren’t alone.

Brown, the founder and CEO of Brown’s Super Stores, a chain of grocery
stores that offers high quality and nutritional food at affordable
prices, said, "What Jadakiss and Styles P are doing, they’re successful,
and they don’t need to be concerned about society... They’re deciding
to use their success to make a difference for people. I think if we all
did that, we’d fix a lot of our country’s problems."

With its
three locations, Juices For Life is giving people unprecedented access
to nutritional options in the Bronx and Yonkers, New York, with hopes of
expanding in the near future.

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Travis Wolfe
Styles P

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