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Sunday, 20 September 2015

MORE QUESTIONS POLITICIANS REFUSE TO ANSWER People For Schapelle Corby #Icare4innocentSchapelle

Why did the Australian government seize Schapelle Corby's book royalties under ‘proceeds of crime’ legislation whilst she was still going through the courts in Indonesia, directly undermining her case with its obvious signal to Jakarta, and at the same time depriving her of the funds for another appeal and for vital medicines?
Why is she the ONLY Australian in history to have royalties seized, when outright criminals like Chopper Read, and others imprisoned abroad, have had no problems whatsoever?
Why was this determined behind closed doors, via a secret kangaroo court which she wasn't even AWARE of, let alone represented in?
Why were the provisions of the act extended beyond its legally defined boundaries, thus subverting the judicial system itself?
Why did the AFP expend so much effort and money on this case, including extensive surveillance of multiple individuals?
Why was income of her sister Mercedes seized, when she has never been charged with any offence in any nation?
Why was she targeted with exactly the same legislation again in 2014, when the AFP spent over a $1 million raiding offices of Seven Network and Mercedes Corby's lawyer, and in the process directly LYING to a magistrate?
The Proceeds of Crime Act states that its objective is:
"to deprive persons of proceeds of offences, the instruments of offences, and benefits derived from offences, against the laws of the laws of the Commonwealth or the non-governing Territiories"
Given that Indonesia isn't a "non-Governing territory", why did the AFP and the Australian government even initiate a case against Schapelle Corby, let alone seize her money?
But that's not all. Make no mistake about it, in Australia it's perfectly OK for those convicted of a crime to write books about crime and keep the proceeds.
For example: Mark Chopper Read: No fewer than 11 books. David McMillan: 'Escape'. Christopher V.V Parnell: 'Hell's Prisoner' & 'The Sunday Smuggler'. Roger Rogerson: 'The Dark Side' . And many many others. This also extends to individuals who allegedly trained with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, like David Hicks ('Guantanamo: My Journey').
Schapelle Corby is the ONLY PERSON in the history of Australia to have book royalties seized under proceeds of crime legislation. No-one else ever has: not one single person.
Why is this?
Why can criminals, convicted of every crime from murder to rape, from armed robbery to drug smuggling, happily derive revenue by exploiting their own activities, whilst one and only one person is vigorously and ruthlessly pursued at every turn?
It is because she is innocent and will never make a false confession. It is because the truth of her case threatens politicians, the AFP, the commercial interests of SACL, and those in the media who have poisoned public opinion.
It is because she is a threat to the corrupt individuals within the establishment who pull the strings. The contents of her book itself actually confronted them.
There is no proceeds of crime issue at all, because she committed no crime. In fact, she didn't even write about a crime in the first place, just her experiences in prison.
There is, however, a desperate need to gag her, to stop her talking, to close down her line of communication to the people as effectively as possible. To marginalize her.
When the state of Australia stole her book royalties in 2007 there was even more to it than this. They actually stole it whilst she was still going through the Indonesian courts... a clear signal from Canberra to Jakarta that she was considered to be guilty by Australia. A direct decision to undermine her case.
One day, those responsible for this wilful and flagrant act of theft and sabotage must be brought before a court themselves, to face justice.
How the Australian government stole the means for medication and further legal appeals from an innocent woman:
 People For Schapelle Corby


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