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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Tories hate the poor and its killing us.

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,020
Friday 06 March 2015. Tories hate the poor and its killing us.
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Dear Mr Cameron,
A 61 year old woman is dead, strangled by the young man she took in because of the bedroom tax.
The DWP offered the following statement: "Many people live with lodgers in or out of social housing and this tragic and isolated incident should not be seen as an indictment of this practice, nor of the broader policy."
I am afraid I beg to differ with this trite statement from the DWP, this has nothing to do with the practice of taking in lodgers as a matter of choice and everything to do with taking in a lodger because of the erosion of choice.
This is about one of the fundamental issues in your war on the poor through attacking people on multiple fronts driving them to a place of being forced to heat or eat or driving them into homelessness or despair and suicide.
The bedroom tax isn't a stand alone issue, it comes along with benefit caps, council tax caps, attacks on disability benefits, rent caps, wage caps, sanctions and so on and on. People are left without choices, or just choices that are all bad, reduced beyond a level at which they can cope or have any chance of coping.
But, the worst blow of all, the one that truly crushes the spirit, is that this is driven by policy, it's all deliberate, hard focused, targeted on those with the least options already.
In a letter to a couple who have received a date for their supreme court hearing on the bedroom tax, you apparently said that you, 'introduced the bedroom tax to build up the economy'. Really? The saving from the bedroom tax has been downgraded from £500 million to £390 million and likely to go lower yet. In December of last year alone, Osborne borrowed £13.1 billion and borrowing rose by £86.3 billion over April to December 2014. The bedroom tax saving is a flea on an elephants back compared to Osborne's borrowing.
It comes down to this; poor people are dying because of your Tory, deep rooted, visceral, ideological, hatred of the poor. The poor did not crash the nations economy but you have used that as an excuse to launch attack upon attack on the weakest and most vulnerable people. There is no justification for your war on the poor that stands a moments examination other than that you find us repellent based on the most primitive prejudice because it's clear you have no experience of what it means to be poor or of the real lives of the poor.

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