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Saturday, 7 March 2015

People For Schapelle Corby #Icare4innocentSchapelle #SchapelleCorby

Whatever happens in the coming weeks, there is bound to be a lot of media coverage regarding the AFP's wilful decision to send the Bali Nine to the death penalty in Indonesia, with full support from the Howard regime. Much of this will rightly condemn them, particularly given that it was actually the concerned father of one of the nine who had tipped-off the AFP in the first place. The betrayal of trust was absolute.
However, this doesn't tell the full story. For Keelty, Ellison, Howard and others, this total disregard for human life was the norm. All that mattered to them was narrow self-interest and their own careers.
Schapelle's case also demonstrates the depths to which these foul creatures were prepared to sink in pursuit of this. There were others too, including Allan Kessing and Dr Haneef. Their despicable inhuman conduct spanned case after case after case.
The crimes committed against Schapelle Corby are a matter of public record. The correspondence between the guilty is actually there to be seen, and it damns them absolutely:
Until all these perpetrators are brought to justice, none of these cases can be closed. That means full transparency, and formal charges in a court of law. It means the law operating equally to ALL, with no-one being above it.
Justice can never be selective. It must be served equally.

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