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Monday, 30 March 2015

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream
I dream of a day for my homeland to be free and in safe hands again
I dream of a day for my birthplace to be released from corrupt hands again
I dream of a day for my motherland to welcome back to its door honor and nobility again
I dream of a day for my Afghanistan to be commemorated as a land that has transformed itself against all odds yet again.
A land that has fought many evils, yet it still stands all over again.
A territory historically known for its spirited warriors, men and women-- one and the same.
In this New day we will embark on with a new weapon,
In one hand knowledge, and a pen in the other
we dream of a new Afghanistan, you and I cooperatively —we will deliver a new dawn to our worn-out nation all over again.
I see my dream wide awake—watching
Common people electing leaders based on values rather than a blood line.
I see my Afghanistan rising from darkness, breaking traditions ills once again.
I carry on my dream of a life for every Afghan, young and old, man and woman, dancing with nature’s tunes, autonomy and equality hand in hand, interdependent working towards one common cause,
Peace entering our homes all over again.
Anosha Zereh
The Afghan Mona Lisa
Dare to dream.
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