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Monday, 30 March 2015

People For Schapelle Corby #Time4TRUTH #Icare4innocentSchapelle

The last post discussed the value of marijuana in Indonesia. It presented a real life case from last week, which showed the value of the 4.2 kg marijuana in Schapelle's bag would have been just $388:
What about Australia? Well, AFP Commissioner Keelty’s boss, Christopher Ellison, gave an idea in his press release of 4th February 2005, which included a valuation of “Eight kg is 282 oz, with a street value of around $84,600”. That means that the marijuana in Schapelle’s bag would have sold for $44,415 in Australia.
So we have:
Indonesia = $388
Australia = $44,415
We see this in case after case after case. Not only this, but the United Nations conducts its own research, and publishes the results. It backs up every word of this with official data:
The idea that ANYONE would smuggle over 4kg of marijuana from Australia to Indonesia is absolutely absurd. They don’t.
Schapelle Corby is innocent.
Of course, the media hide this sort of information. They hide the tampering with Schapelle’s bags at Sydney Airport. They hide the suppression of the critical evidence by the AFP and Howard’s ministers. They hide the enormous cache of FOI material published by the Expendable Project, which proves her innocence.
See it for yourself, here:

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