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Monday, 4 August 2014

Johanna Fernandez at Decarcerate The Garden State Street Panel

On Wednesday July 30, 2014, in the first major event of the Committee to Decarcerate the Garden State, over 200 residents of Newark and nearby cities gathered facing the steps of Newark City Hall for a “street panel discussion” featuring keynote speaker Johanna Fernandez, Professor of History in the The Department of Black and Latino Studies at Baruch College, CUNY. She is also Coordinator of a Campaign to bring Mumia Abu-Jamal Homehttp://www.bringmumiahome.com/ .
The Committee to Decarcerate the Garden State can be reached through Decarc@DecarcerateNJ.org or by calling 908-881-5275 or 973-223-2114 . 
To learn more or to join the fight, visit http://DecarcerateNJ.org . You can also find out how you can help distribute the paper The NJ Decarcerator, become a petition circulator or invite the Decarceration Street Panel to your community at that link.
Please also consider signing the petition to pass the NJ Decarceration Act at http://chn.ge/Rfl0Th .

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