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Saturday, 23 August 2014

In the Wake of Ferguson, ISIS, and Fear of a 9/11 Repeat, Advocacy Group Says Software by IRP Solutions Holds Key to Homeland Security Concerns and Will Keep America Safe

Fears of sleeper cells and imminent terrorist attacks on U.S. soil adds fuel to fire for advocacy group, A Just Cause, to continue to push for the freedom of the IRP6.
Denver, CO (PRWEB) August 22, 2014
Advocacy group, A Just Cause, examines recent events and questions if America is safe. “It seems that we live in a state of perpetual crisis”, says Sam Thurman, A Just Cause. “It’s no surprise that incidents like the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, the beheading of James Foley by ISIS, and the Tenth Anniversary review of the 9/11 Commission Report seem to expose different levels of fear among Americans and makes one question if America is safe”, ponders Thurman.
“Through our advocacy work on behalf the IRP6 (IRP Solutions Corporation), A Just Cause has gotten a very good education on policing in America and the imminent threat of terrorism”, says Thurman, A Just Cause.
“The recent Tenth Anniversary Report of the 9/11 Commission findings (Tenth Anniversary of The 9/11 Commission Report (July 2014), Bipartisan Policy Center, http://www.bipartisanpolicy.org) confirm what IRP Solutions has maintained over the past several years… that being the Department of Homeland Security and agencies like it are far from having a viable solution to help law enforcement fight terrorism”, says Gary Walker, IRP Solutions CEO and Chief Technology Officer. “It’s no secret that programs like the Virtual Case File and the Sentinel projects fall significantly below the threshold of what intelligence and law enforcement agencies need”, adds Walker.
“What’s most troubling to me about our current state of affairs when we speak of policing, safety, and preparedness against terrorist activities is that the six gentlemen we are advocating for, the IRP6, are currently incarcerated in a federal prison and have been there for over two years”, asserts Thurman. “These gentlemen developed a software called Case Investigative Life Cycle (CILC – pronounced “silk”) that addresses most of the concerns regarding information sharing and collaboration for law enforcement agencies at all levels (local, state and federal)”, says Thurman. “Records from their case will show that they did several demos for the Department of Homeland Security as part of the Consolidated Enforcement Environment Initiative (CEE) and they showed their Case Investigative Lifecycle (CILC) software with capabilities that included Link Analysis and Mapping features which are critical to intelligence efforts like identifying sleeper cells in America”, says Thurman. (US District Court for the District of Colorado, Judge Christine M. Arguello, D. Ct. No. 1:09-CR-00266-CMA; Case Nos: NO. 11-1487, Case Nos. 11-1488, 11-1489, 11-1490, 11-1491 and 11-1492).
“The CILC software that we developed is a unique tool that helps law enforcement agencies in their efforts with Criminal Intelligence and Crime Analysis like what is needed to track sleeper cells”, exclaims David Banks, IRP6 (IRP Chief Operating Officer). “Managing intelligence operations with the vast amounts of non-integrated incident and investigative data is a complicated problem for law enforcement agencies. Intelligence organizations must be able to rapidly collect, collate, evaluate, analyze and disseminate contextually accurate information for effective forecasting, prediction and planning of interdiction operations. CILC can do this and more. CILC’s mapping and link analysis capabilities align with the CompStat process that most law enforcement agencies are aware of, and it is this type of data that has now become a critical element in the fight against terrorism.”, Banks adds.
According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, “CompStat is a strategic control system that is used to collect, analyze, and map crime data”. (http://www.policechiefmagazine.org/magazine/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_arch&article_id=998&issue_id=92006).
A Just Cause found that the CILC software offers over 40 features to include it being: secure, adaptable, web-enabled, audit capable, multi-level case management, confidential sources/informants module, leads management, tip referral, operations management, investigations case management, information sharing, document management and imaging (forms generation and management), chain of custody, and evidence tracking.
“Early on when the company was marketing the software, it’s viability was substantiated by publications like Law Enforcement Technology magazine, Police magazine (http://www.policemag.com/channel/technology/articles/2004/02/software-spotlight.aspx), and Criminal Investigation textbook (Bennett and Hess 2007, Thomson/Wadsworth)”, adds Thurman.
The Bipartisan Policy Center says, “The struggle against terrorism is far from over.” (Tenth Anniversary of The 9/11 Commission Report (July 2014)).
Business Insider says, “[ISIS] hinted that attacks on American interests or even U.S. soil were possible through sleeper cells in Europe and the United States.” (http://www.businessinsider.com/isis-now-openly-threatening-attacking-us-targets-2014-8#ixzz3B6zP7cRy).
The Heritage Foundation recommends that for the fight against terrorism the country must, “Enhance domestic and international information-sharing efforts (Heritage Foundation, Terrorism, Solutions 2014,http://solutions.heritage.org/terrorism/#facts)
“A Just Cause is convinced that the software designed by the IRP6 is a viable tool that addresses many issues raised by the Bipartisan Policy Center’s report, The Heritage Foundation and the media. That’s why we are fighting for these men who have now been incarcerated at the Federal Prison Camp in Florence, Colorado for over two years”, says Thurman. “I said it before and I’ll reiterate that federal officials and the public should be outraged by the status of the IRP6 case. It’s very disturbing to think that men who hold the key to critical issues that are facing our country are sitting in prison”, Thurman adds. The IRP6 and supporters continue to maintain their innocence and are seeking intervention from Congress (D. Ct. No. 1:09-CR-00266-CMA).
Court records (Ct. No. 1:09-CR-00266-CMA) show that during the trial of the IRP executives, software forensics expert Don Vilfer of Califorensics analyzed the CILC software. According to the analysis conducted by Califorensics, “The software (CILC) contained many notable features, making it a functional product for the intended consumer (Califorensics Analysis, Case 1:09-cr-00266-CMA Document 298-2, 10/8/10 USDC Colorado)." Court records also show that the report stated, “No one software application would meet the needs of all agencies, but the functionality that we observed in our review of the CILC software would undoubtedly be of interest to many law enforcement agencies (Califorensics Analysis, Case 1:09-cr-00266-CMA Document 298-2, 10/8/10 USDC Colorado)."
“Court records show that evidence of the validity of the CILC software, as well as other key testimony were not allowed during the trial of the IRP6," says Thurman. “According to court testimony, IRP Solutions met with the Department of Homeland Security and provided a quote to deliver one module of their software to the government… a quote that exceeded $100 million (for the Consolidated Enforcement Environment Initiative). Records show that the federal government spent over $1 Billion on what the government has called failed efforts at this type of software (Virtual Case File and Sentinel,http://www.justice.gov/oig/reports/FBI/a0740/intro.htm)," concludes Thurman.
The IRP6 (Kendrick Barnes, Gary L. Walker, Demetrius K. Harper, Clinton A. Stewart, David A. Zirpolo and David A. Banks) have been incarcerated for over two years (US District Court for the District of Colorado, Judge Christine M. Arguello, D. Ct. No. 1:09-CR-00266-CMA; Case Nos: NO. 11-1487, Case Nos. 11-1488, 11-1489, 11-1490, 11-1491 and 11-1492). Appellate Court panel includes Judge Bobby R. Baldock, Judge Harris L. Hartz, and Judge Jerome A. Holmes.
For more information about the story of the IRP6 or for copies of the legal filings go to http://www.freetheirp6.org. Related press releases: http://www.a-justcause.com/#!press-releases/c21pq

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