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Friday, 1 August 2014

#JAPYDAY - a global day of charity // August 30th, 2014

August 30th, 2014 will be a day of charity. 
Everyone around the world can make the difference in his town. Be creative and think about how you can make the world a better place. 
Spread your ideas by posting them and using #JAPYDAY. So we can inspire and learn from each other. 

On the day itself you can experience your personal, touching moment and, if you want to, shoot a short video or take a photo of it and share it with us by using #JAPYDAY.
Then we will create a video which connects all the activities around the world and reminds everyone: WE CAN CHANGE IT - TOGETHER!

Please keep the following rules for the #JAPYDAY in mind:
1. Giving is better than receiving - enjoy helping others
2. Your are responsible for your activities, so be respectful to everyone
3. Do not exploit people
4. Ask for permission when filming other people
5. Try to inspire the people around you 
6. Be proud of yourself 
7. Have an unforgettable #JAPYDAY :-)

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