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Monday, 2 December 2013

An unimaginable state crime.

A letter a day to number 10. No 581.

Tuesday 03 December 2013. An unimaginable state crime.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

I very much hope you watched Sonia Poulton on The People’s Voice last night, although I somehow doubt it, but at least I hope you read the news, in the Telegraph at least (Colin Freeman: 30 Nov 2013).

The news I am referring to is the state ordered surgical rape of a woman’s body to remove her child without her permission by caesarean section. This is without doubt the worst case of bodily and psychological abuse I have ever read or heard of in this country.

There is only one possible circumstance in which such an act should ever be considered and that is if the mother is about to or has just died and these actions are the only way to save the babies life. I have been told by a supposed social worker that the needs of the child are paramount and if that is their mantra they are completely wrong. A child is not an object divorced or in any way separate from the process of nurture which is the only way she will live and, hopefully, flourish. The best possible environment for any child to grow, barring extremely exceptional circumstances, is with the natural mother and family.

The mother who is an Italian citizen was forcibly sedated and her child surgically removed from her body and the UK authorities (sic) are now refusing to allow the child to return to her mother. Like many people I simply cannot get my head round the level of abuse that has been perpetrated against this mother and her child.

Thankfully John Hemming MP is to raise this in the House of Commons this week. This case raises the whole spectre of forced adoption in this country (see the Telegraph again: Christopher Booker, 03 July 2010), in which the natural families are being subjected to state abuse at an appalling level, secret courts, gagging orders and imprisonment if families speak out. Parents are being terrorised and hounded in their attempts to regain their child or children, when in any sane or civilised society the natural aim would be to hold the family together as a first order priority.

There is no way to square the circle here, to perpetrate such a crime is beyond human understanding. How a surgeon could operate under such circumstances defies belief. How a judge could order such an act of abuse is mind blowing. How Social Services could perpetrate this crime is unconscionable. I do understand that you have personal problems regarding us as human beings, but right now you really should make an effort because this has to stop.





— in Peasedown Saint John.

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