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Saturday, 16 February 2013

"What Affects One Woman Affects All Women" - #VAWA

 #VAWA The Republicans within the House of Representatives gambled that white women, African American women, Asian women, Arab women and Latino women would not stand with their Native and immigrant sisters. Those Republicans bet that American women would be willing to throw Native American women under the bus in exchange for the REASSURANCE that Republicans do not hate all women as much as they hate Native American women. The women of the United States did not go for it—they demanded that the Violence Against Women Act be reauthorized with provisions offering protections for Native American women who live on Indian Reservations. Those discerning women understood that Native American women are particularly vulnerable to sexual violence because Native American Tribal police officers could not arrest, nor could Tribe courts prosecute, non-Native perpetrators of sexual violence, rape or stalking of Native American women. Those principled women said, "Native American women should be protected against sexual violence, rape and stalking just like all of us." They women further said "We will not leave our Native American sisters behind, Republican House of Representatives. If you want to declare war on Native American and immigrant women, you declare war on all of us." A few Republican Representatives also believed that non-Native American men should not be able to rape, beat or stalk Native American women. (PICTURES OF THOSE MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE). A Few. Those few stood up to their Republican Party and joined the chorus of women and men around the United States who said that repeated sex offenders should have stricter federal penalties, that rape victims of every single color and background should not be put on trial instead of the perpetrator of the rape, and that Native American women that live on Indian reservations and immigrant women should be protected from rape the same way that all other American women are protected from rape. We must now convince all of their colleagues that they will not divide and conquer women. We must convince them that all women deserve to not be beaten, raped or stalked. We will stand together. Whatever affects one women affects all women. This is not a "Democrat/Republican thing." This is a "war on women" thing. There ARE absolutely Republican Members of the House of Representatives that do not want women to get raped, beaten or sexually abused and showed that by supporting the Violence Against Women Act. Those members are Representative Cole from Oklahoma and Representative Issa from California. Represenatives Gosar, Ros- Lehtinen, and Don Young likewise have shown themselves to be sane and human when dealing with sexual violence against women. The rest, as shown by their inaction on the violence against women act, could care less if women get raped beaten or sexually abused. Especially Native American women. Those good folks are listed here, along with their phone numbers to tell them how much we appreciate their war on women Words: Gyasi Ross Voice / Actor: pipud Visuals / Concept: Dave Wilson Producer: Brodie Lane Stevens

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