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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mark Schmidter Receives 145 Days In Jail For Freedom Of Speech Due To Ju...


I wonder what it must feel like...
To be able to cage people you simply disagree with... To be able to squash free speech, just because you say you can.

Imagine being the law maker, the judge, the jury, and the executioner.
That is what is occuring in Florida this week,... as who many are calling TYRANT Judge Belvin Perry, has arrested peaceful FIJA activist Mark Schmidter for educating jurors on their jury rights. An activity many believe should be proactive within the justice system, not an activity that is repressed.

FIJA stands for the Fully Informed Jury Association. FIJA works to educate all citizens on their authority when they serve as jurors. FIJA educates the public, provides commentary on current jury-related cases, and assists defendants with jury authority strategies—including the right to veto bad laws and the misapplication of laws—by refusing to convict the defendant.

FIJA is NOT jury tampering. FIJA's actvities are not targeting a certain case, but are trying to educate EVERYONE on their jury rights. Educating jurors on their rights is NOT a crime, and there is no better place to educate jurors than where jurors go everyday! There is nothing wrong with educating jurors about their rights.

Can you imagine if people weren't allowed to read the rights in the Constitution?!? Not that I am looking to get into a Constitutional discussion in this video.

In frustration of having peaceful individuals disrupt his tyrannous court rulings through educational efforts, Judge Belvin Perry issued two different administrative orders. 2011-07 and 2011-03.

2011-07 states, "It is prohibited for any person or group to
engage in any type of First Amendment activities within
the main Orange County courthouse complex grounds,
unless the First Amendment activities occur within a
designated Exempt Zone"

Public outrage ensued...

The irony here is that judge Belvin Perry swore an oath to support, protect, and defend the Constitution and the rights it contains. Whether you support the Constitution or not, By making this administrative order he has broken his oath.

2011-03 stated that "The dissemination of all leaflets and other
materials to summoned jurors containing written or
pictorial information tending to influence summoned
jurors, as well as approaching a summoned juror for the
purpose of displaying a sign to, or engaging in oral
protest, education or counseling with information
tending to influence summoned jurors on any matter,
question, cause, or proceeding which may be pending,
or which may by law be brought, before him or her as
such juror, shall be prohibited on the Orange County
Courthouse complex grounds."

In summary, the 5th DISTRICT COURT OF APPEAL OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA rejected the Appellants' constitutional challenge to Administrative
Order No. 2011-03, but agree that Administrative Order No. 2011-07 is
unconstitutionally overbroad and struck down and reversed Judge Perry's orders.
The Appeal court is basically in agreement with Judge Perry that freedom of speech is not allowed in one of the most important places for freedom of speech to occur,... in a courthouse.
It appears that the appeal court judges are basically protecting Judge Perry by striking down his anti-free speech bill, avoiding blowback for that bill down the road... while still keeping the anti-free speech spirit alive by allowing the reworded administrative order that does the same function.
In other words, the appeal court most likely thought to themselves, "Darn it Perry, you can't just say free speech is not allowed... you have to word it differently with things like pamphlets and brochures..."
The same end result,... per se, a loss in freedom of speech

Mark Schmidter is a political prisoner who never infringed on the freedoms of others.
Mark is in prison for simply educating jurors on their rights.

The reason those in the justice system don't want to educate you about your jury rights, is because they want to be able to control the verdict easier. They want to control the juror, YOUR mind, easier. The less rights you know you have, the more control they have.

This is why corrupt judges and government officials will not educate jurors on their rights.

throwing peaceful people in prison is a waste of taxpayer's money and hard work...
at best it shows negligence for basic freedoms such as freedom of speech,
at worst it signals corruption... individuals who view themselves as above the law.
all of this for something jurors SHOULD know, rights that jurors should be informed on...

On another note, why does Judge Belvin Perry's UnConstitutional administrative order and overreach of power go unpunished?!?
Not even a slap on the wrist, while the person who was not attacking the freedom of others gets almost a half a year in a cage.
Judge Belvin Perry is the aggressor, while Mark Schmidter, and all of us, are the victims.

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