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Friday, 22 February 2013

NYC, 10 a.m. Friday: Critical Final Date for Entrapment Victim Ahmed Ferhani

Support Ahmed on February 22
What: Most critical and final date for entrapment victim Ahmed Ferhani
Where: 100 Centre Street, Manhattan, New York City, Part 51, 13 floor, Judge Obus
Time: 10am, 
For more information: justiceforahmed.com
Please come support or cover the sentencing of Ahmed Ferhani, who will receive a ten-year prison sentence. 

Ahmed Ferhani is a 27-year-old Algerian-American who has lived in East Elmhurst, Queens since he was a child. He is a hip-hop musician, jewelry designer, and aspiring actor.

Ahmed was arrested in May of last year for his involvement in an NYPD-orchestrated and funded entrapment scheme that was meant to make it appear that Ahmed planned to attack a synagogue. Ahmed met an NYPD agent who went by the name Ilter in late 2010. Ilter befriended Ahmed and quickly gained his trust. Ilter pursued Ahmed, driving him to doctor’s appointments, spending money on him, lending him money, and calling him his brother.

Ahmed was a vulnerable target–he was broke, unemployed, depressed, and struggling with emotional imbalances. The NYPD was fully aware of Ahmed’s condition, and most likely chose him as a target because of it. Ahmed was tricked and coaxed into a scheme that was completely initiated, constructed, and performed by NYPD agents preying on one Muslim man who they knew to be impressionable and in need of help.
Federal terrorism authorities have declined to prosecute this case, and the grand jury threw out the top charge against him, second degree conspiracy as a terror crime.
Join us in demanding justice for Ahmed, who got caught up in a sting operation preying on his psychological and socioeconomic vulnerabilities.

And please donate to the defense fund for the case at justiceforahmed.com 


Free All Political Prisoners!

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