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Friday, 15 February 2013

For Jordan Davis

let me write my anger away
before i must explode

that was my son
you loaded that gun to kill
and what i ask
shall come of this
another Trayvon story
by a different name

and people will rally
to donate
to your defense fund
but you are still
a child murderer
but it does not matter
to his family
that he was black
he was just their loved one
their child

was it racism that took his life
or was it the Gun

both are dangerous
in the hands of fools
and Lord knows
there are too many about us
roaming the streets
thinking they have a right
that exceeds their lost humanity

insanity is amongst us
as the asylum doors
have been opened

we need to hold on to our humanity
before it is too late

it takes but 1 match
to light a stick of dynamite
stay clear my friends
for in some realm
the amends will take place

i wonder . . .
do you hear that music playing ?

Idiots should not be allowed to have a gun.

for Jordan Davis

© 15 February 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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