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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

President Obama: Please grant the 52-part CLUSTER PARDON AND REPRIEVE NOW

Injustice has been running rampant across the United States, in the court systems of most States, and obstruction is ubiquitous. Victims of injustice CANNOT WAIT FOR JUSTICE; and should not be condescendingly put off by those who are well-off, comfortable, wealthy and powerful. The President has absconded on the exercise of his powers to grant pardons and reprieves. His policies on this matter are dictated by the obsolete rule-book of the Bush Jr. administration, and by Bush-Rove operatives who still infest the US Justice Department like termites, eating away at the sinews of democracy. The world knows that freedom is dead and dying in the United States of America, and the US Government has completely lost its credibility as a good-faith Government among all the other peoples and governments on earth. Humoring the President, repressing freedom of speech, and attacking Mitt Romney on his tax returns and his private life will not work. Mr. President, before you hand out one more dollar in foreign aid . . . before you send negotiators to talk to the Taliban one more time . . . sit down and talk with the Americans who are victims of towering injustices, and aid US. By granting the 52-facet cluster pardon, you can restore justice, end the worldwide cynicism about America, assist imperiled peacemakers to make more peace, preserve vast quantities of beautiful music which is about to be swept away in Pennsylvania by the fascist Corbett regime, preserve the integrity of the upcoming election, improve the US and world economy immeasurably, heal thousands of broken families and friendships, powerfully restore freedom and the fabric of trust in our society, and FREE DON SIEGELMAN! Submitted to the American people and the conscience of the world on October 2, 2012, by Scott Davis and the FIST Prosecutor network. Thank you!

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