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Thursday, 27 December 2012

“It’s the fragile parts of us that people regard as damaged

“It’s the fragile parts of us that people regard as damaged, shattered and broken that are actually the strongest parts to us for they are the ones that have withstood the most challenges, battles and tests, proving to be unbreakable by lasting the longest. The weaknesses and flaws that others see in us are often our greatest strengths from which our courage, determination, beauty and character are built firmly upon. Think of every experience, trial, battle, and challenge faced and fought in life as another piece of your life that is fitting together to tell the most heroic story to be told of victory that has been gained and not lost, the story of you. For it is on your heart that this story being written gets its beginning and the past, present and future all come together to play an important role in your life, helping you to grow more and become the person you are meant to be for it’s those changes that transform our lives into something more as we discover who we were born to be in this world.” — Jenna Kandyce Linch 
 © Jenna Kandyce Linch

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